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Which Variety is Best?

26 March 2020

Which Variety is Best?

01 January 2017

As consumers become more interested in, and aware of, their purchasing options when it comes to fresh produce, discussion about which product is best has changed. It's no longer simply about price and seasonal optimisation, but "Which variety represents best value?" This is a significant change in our industry - consumers are more careful about not just where (often preferring discounters for basics or essentials) but how they shop. Ensuring consumer satisfaction becomes even more challenging as online shopping for groceries increases.

Industry insiders realised long ago that consumers consider taste more important than price and appearance. The 2019 Fruit Logistica Trend Report stated this change in clear terms: consumers value quality (33%) and range (21%) ahead of presentation (10%) and price (4%). As growers and suppliers develop new varieties to increase consumer choice in a given range, the industry has been motivated to move away from simply driving the price down and more towards maintaining an acceptable price while improving value in terms of taste and convenience.

As consumers continue to look for exciting and new lines in the fresh produce aisles, we need to give them better-tasting varieties. Retailers know that the key to increasing consumption is a focus on better taste as this is what leads to subsequent purchases. There is increasing attention paid to taste, which is an important factor in variety selection; previously this would have been driven by production capability and cost.

At Innovative Fresh we provide comprehensive varietal comparison, from strawberries through to tomatoes. If you want to know which variety is the Best in Fresh, get in touch with us at info@innovativefresh.com.


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