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What Makes A Great Snacking Tomato?

28 December 2017

What Makes A Great Snacking Tomato?

01 January 2017

Tomatoes have always been a popular and easy option for snacking. In the category of snack tomatoes, baby plum tomatoes in a shaker or tub are increasing in popularity. Consumers are seeing a lot of 500g tubs sold in stores. The main reason for this is that tomatoes are being used more and more often as healthy snack during lunch.

The main thing customers are looking for in snack tomatoes is good eating quality. The tomates need to have a good Brix level, a good sugar/acid balance, and very importantly they should not be soft or mealy. Another important parameter is colour. In principle people like their tomatoes to be nice and red.

We define quality in snack tomatoes by measuring the sugar level, which should be above 7 degrees Brix. The ideal acidity level depends very much on the sugar level in the tomato: the sweeter the tomato, the higher the acidity level can be.

Measuring colour, firmness, Brix, acidity and, of course, the percentage of mouldy or split fruit helps us give a good overview of the quality of tomatoes in a store.

The most common issues we encounter are soft and overripe tomatoes in stores. This results in mealy tomatoes: something which disappoints consumers enormously.

We monitor the quality of fresh produce week-in and week-out, meaning we can give thorough information of the eating quality of the product at the different retail chains. We can also monitor different varieties, origins or even different growing methods in order to find out how to improve the tomato quality in future.

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