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The Challenges of Stocking Galia Melons

25 February 2020

The Challenges of Stocking Galia Melons

01 January 2017

The Galia melon was developed in the 1960’s in Israel. The melon was named after the breeder’s daughter and in Hebrew translates to 'God’s wave'. Released for commercial production in 1973 the Galia melon rapidly become popular in Europe.

In Western Europe the Galia remains very popular today but in Southern Europe other melon types are more popular, such as Cantaloupe, Charentais, Honey Dew and Piel de Sapo.

Galia eating quality can be challenging during the Latin American growing season, which falls during the European winter.

In the Latin American growing areas Galia production has focused on securing long shelf-life so the fruits can safely be transported around the world. However, maximizing shelf life of Galia in general comes at the expense of eating quality.

Sugar levels during the European winter months can be low and the eating experience for consumers can be disappointing. It is something both growers and seed companies have been working on.

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