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Riding the Blueberry Boom

18 March 2020

Riding the Blueberry Boom

01 January 2017


There are few fruits, like blueberries, that have shown such a strong growth in consumption. Blueberries are now one of the fastest growing fruits on the market. This is mostly because blueberries are convenient, healthy, tasty and visually attractive.

While blueberry consumption has been high for some time in the UK and Norway, other European markets still have a lot of development potential. In recent years the addition of snacking fruit cups has increased blueberry sales and its share in this market. This has also served to further drive growth in blueberry consumption as a whole.

However, the biggest influence on blueberry demand has been flavour. Retailers offering better and more consistent flavour have given this already popular fruit a huge boost. As growers replace traditional blueberry varieties with better tasting, newer, varieties the overall improvement in flavour continues to drive sales.

Latest trends for healthy eating, vegan diets and food imagery on social media have also helped the blueberry expand its reach. As a colourful, attractive fruit it is a popular choice in recipe and food images, reminding people of its presence in the supermarkets, versatility in desserts and breakfasts, and use for decoration. It's vibrant blue colour allows it to stand out from other berries and complement most dishes used for photography online.

Improved storage conditions and packaging have also further helped to secure a good shelf-life for blueberries. This has reduced the presence of a common point of dissatisfaction for consumers - 'soft berries'.

At Innovative Fresh we monitor fresh berries every week. Can you be sure your berries reach your consumers when they're still at their peak for colour and flavour? If not, let us help you to fine-tune your fruit programme, to give your consumers the best in fresh.

If you want help providing the best in fresh, get in touch with us at info@innovativefresh.com.


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