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Promoting Plum Season

21 June 2018

Promoting Plum Season

01 January 2017

Although the plum season is fairly long, just like nectarines and peaches the individual harvest time for each variety is very short, usually around 1-3 weeks. As a result plum varieties tend to follow each other and be available in rapid succession.

It's very important that plums are ripe and ready to eat. If consumers are sold plums that are unripe they will be hard and taste sour, this can put consumers off returning to purchase or using this fruit again. If fruits arrive in the market unripe they need to be given some extra help to ripen before being stocked in the supermarket. This is a common challenge for retailers and suppliers during the Southern Hemisphere plum season.

Plums can often get lost in the volume of beautiful summer fruits that are available, because their season runs parallel to nectarines, peaches and cherries. However, they have a unique place in the fruit assortment and this should be utilised. Retailers can help boost plum sales by increasing their visibility during their short availability and reminding consumers they in season.

No consumer is going to be happy with hard and unripe plums. It is our collective duty as fruit industry and retailers to make sure that consumers only buy ripe and ready-to-eat plums.

At Innovative Fresh we monitor plums every week, testing for Brix and fruit quality. We can help you fine-tune your stonefruit programme to ensure you know how to stock fruit that is great in quality, perfect in maturity and fantastic in flavour.

If you want help providing the best quality stonefruits to your consumers, get in touch with us at info@innovativefresh.com.


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