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New Partnership with FMCG Educations

15 October 2018

New Partnership with FMCG Educations

01 January 2017

We help our customers to be the Best in Fresh and that's why we're proud to partner with FMCG Education; leader in Category Management education for fresh produce and flower companies.

The common goal is to help retailers and suppliers put together a good assortment, not on the basis of emotion, quick sales and purchasing opportunities, but on data, facts and fitting with the retailer. This involves working in a more structured manner, using the principles of category management and quality management.

In Scandinavia our services complement and reinforce each other. Both our companies have the mission to contribute to further professionalisation of the Fruit and Vegetables sector. An excellent basis for collaboration.

"Scandinavia is an important sales area for the Netherlands for fruit and vegetables. This makes it easier to roll out our knowledge to the Nordics, because we have noticed that in those countries, in addition to the need for good product quality, there is also a need for training in the field of assortment management, especially in the commercial field. We will now complete this."
Gert Bloemendal of FMCG Opleidingen

"We want to build a better category of AGF and Flowers & Plants. Matching the different formulas and the types of shoppers."
Edwin Vels of FMCG Opleidingen

"For Scandinavian companies, the Netherlands is an important source and supplier of fresh fruit and vegetable products and it is therefore only logical that the related knowledge and expertise on categories and the professionalization of trade relations between suppliers and retailers is also available. comes for Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Moreover, knowledge from the Nordics can be translated more easily into opportunities for Dutch suppliers."
Magnus Nilsson of InQuality

We will start by offering courses in Category Management. The courses are held in Helsingborg in Sweden, centrally located in Norway, Sweden and Denmark and the trade center for fresh fruit and vegetables in Scandinavia.

Detailed information about the course in Scandinavia can be found on www.fmcgeducation.eu.


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