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Measuring Broccoli Quality

15 January 2020

Measuring Broccoli Quality

01 January 2017

Broccoli is a member part of the cabbage family. This vegetable has been a staple part of people's regular diets for generations, and was initially cultivated in Italy. The word 'broccoli' actually comes from the Italian plural of broccolo, which means "the flowering crest of a cabbage".

In the lab we regularly assess the quality of broccoli stems and define them according to their freshness. Ultimately we are looking for a nice bright green colour, with no open or loose flowers.

It is important that the percentage of stem to head is also balanced, so we calculate the head percentage of each vegetable to determine which have the most desirable size and shape.

We don't just monitor the quality of the supply but also the level of quality at the point it reaches the shelves in supermarkets. Each vegetable is scored according to the freshness and the colour of the product.

The main problem we notice with broccoli in stores is yellow discolouration or mould development of the flowers.

We predict the popularity of broccoli will continue to increase. As more research is done on the health enhancing components of broccoli, and it's reputation as a superfood becomes more widely known, healthy eating diets are likely to keep this versatile vegetable at the forefront. The fact that it is so easy to prepare also goes in its favour.

Broccoli is a common ingredient in stir-fry mixes and here at Innovative Fresh we often measure it in this context, too.

We monitor a lot of fresh produce every week, testing for quality and freshness. Let us help you to finetune your programmes, to give the consumer the best possible eating experience.

If you want help providing the best quality fresh produce to your consumers, get in touch with us at info@innovativefresh.com.


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