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InQuality Germany: The Power of Together

25 March 2019

InQuality Germany: The Power of Together

01 January 2017

At Innovative Fresh we are pleased to share the news that we have formed a collaborative parternship with N&S Quality Consultants and AFC Risk & Crisis Consult to form InQuality Germany.

InQuality Germany advises food companies in strategic and operational support on how to improve product quality in the fresh produce sector. One focusses on identification, the use of optimization options for quality assurance and risk management in the whole food chain. The monitoring program, developed by inQuality, is central to the programme's analysis and evaluation of the quality and taste of products.  Fruits and vegetables are sampled in an objective and independent manner, and, importantly, from the point of view of the consumer.

"With extensive monitoring of quality marks our products will be compared to the products of the competitors and food waste will be reduced, all at the same time."

- Marc van Arendonk, Business Development Manager - InQuality Germany

Headquartered in Bonn, InQuality Germany offers leading services of each of the involved partners. This means high-quality advice, interim services, product control and education from N&S Quality. Innovative Fresh adds expertise in monitoring and research in fresh products, a concept which is hugely is successful in The Netherlands and Sweden, and will be added with special crisis management services from the German partner in Germany.

"We are excited to offer companies an unique and allround support in quality assurance and crisis prevention."

- Anselm Elles, Managing Director - AFC Risk & Crisis Consult

If you would like more information about InQuality Germany or our activities in the German market, please contact Marc van Arendonk.


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