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Getting the Right Flower Quality to your Customers

04 January 2018

Getting the Right Flower Quality to your Customers

01 January 2017

Flowers are a popular part of fresh produce because they have the option of being bought for the home or as a gift. Traditionally they would have been bought from florists but now supermarkets and online are taking a large proportion of this market.

When it comes to stocking and selling flowers, retailers need to be aware how temperature sensitive they are. Suboptimal temperature conditions can have a significant effect on vase-life.

Flower supply chains are notoriously difficult to control. Part of the reason for this is that dependency on airlines is very high. Not only is temperature control in the hold of the aircraft difficult but flight schedules and availability of space in the hold can change easily as well. The challenges don't stop once they are unloaded either, when flowers are in transit local storage conditions are often less than ideal.

All these factors make for a very tricky supply chain that is hard for retailers to manage or have control over.

Since so much of this market is sourced from abroad (over half of global flower trade flies in and out of Amsterdam every morning), it is vital that retailers know how best to source, stock and sell quality flowers with optimal vase-life.

Getting flowers of the right quality to consumers requires that all players in the flower supply chain collaborate and strive to optimise transport conditions for flowers during transport.

Here at Innovative Fresh we identify problems by testing vase life ‘through the eyes of the consumer’ and in a way consumers would have flowers at home, in an ambient temperature. This gives accurate insights which would not show in a more controlled atmosphere.

If you want help providing the best quality flowers to your consumers, get in touch with us at info@innovativefresh.com.


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