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Differing European Demands for Pre-Cut and Fresh Vegetables

13 February 2020

Differing European Demands for Pre-Cut and Fresh Vegetables

01 January 2017

As the fresh cut vegetable category continues to develop across Europe we are noticing large differences between countries.

In some countries a small percentage of vegetables are sold in the convenience category, while in others fresh cut vegetable sales are larger than traditional vegetable sales. These are very different ways of consuming vegetables and come with very different challenges.

In Southern Europe it's mostly salads (not including lettuce) that are consumed. However, in countries like the UK and the Netherlands, stir fry mixes are very popular and pre-cut cooking vegetables are now in high demand too.

In these fresh cut vegetable mixes, control over quality is particularly important because the ingredient with the shortest shelf life will determine the quality and shelf-life of the entire mix.

As a result, fresh cut products tend to have relatively short shelf life and higher shrinkage rates in supermarkets.

Good temperature control in the supply chain and in stores is important.

There are pros and cons to this way of purchasing vegetables and consumers will need to choose between convenience and reducing food waste compared to the premium price and plastic packaging.

At Innovative Fresh we regularly test pre-cut veg and fresh veg to help retailers know how best to supply, store and sell these popular categories, for more information contact us at: info@innovativefresh.com.


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