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Better Green Beans, From Field to Fork

11 April 2019

Better Green Beans, From Field to Fork

01 January 2017

When it comes to green beans, consumers are looking for produce that is firm and crispy, with a nice, fresh green colour. Our lab regularly monitors the quality of green beans, checking appearance and colour to ensure that the consumer is presented with something that is not only appetising to look at, but also of the correct texture. The perfect green bean should "snap" when broken, so this is a good way to test for freshness.

In store, replacing boxes, rather than topping-up part-empty containers, is a good way to maintain quality and extend the shelf-life of green beans. When containers are simply refilled the result is that old, limp produce is mixed in with fresh, so it's important to check stock on shelves regularly, and remove old stock accordingly.

Elsewhere in the supply chain, it's important that the beans are handled carefully and quick-cooled after harvesting. During packing, beans of a uniform size are easier to manage, meaning that choosing the correct time to harvest is key to the delivery of a quality product to the supermarket shelves and, ultimately, to the consumer's plate. At a time when consumers are wanting dishes that are more visually interesting, green beans are a great option. Widely-available, quick & easy to prepare, and they add a pleasant crunchy texture to meals such as curries, pastas, and traditional roasts.

Innovative Fresh can help you analyse your shelf stock to see how your product performs when compared to your competitors'. We are also asking retailers and suppliers to consider whether it is better to sell packed beans instead of loose beans? This can result in a fresher produce overall.

If you need help monitoring your fresh produce please get in touch with us at info@innovativefresh.com.


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