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Best Taste of the Grape Year

31 March 2020

Best Taste of the Grape Year

01 January 2017

Grapes are a very popular fruit found all over the world. Although people are aware of different colours, few consumers know the difference between varieties unless they taste both side-by-side.

Red grapes have a huge potential for sales growth in supermarkets, especially as we often find their taste scores to be better and more consistent throughout the year. In many countries, however, it's the green (white) seedless grapes are still the big sellers. Green grapes also tend to be more driven by promotions and are often found at a lower price-point than red grapes.

Crimson Seedless is the dominant red grape variety at this time of year, and in the second half of the South African season, Crimson generally taste their best. Late winter/early spring is also, taste-wise, a very good period for giving this red grape variety a great flavour.

Consumers may well be unaware that, at some points in the calendar, there could be more than thirty red grape varieties in the European market alone.  This means that consumer choice could be overwhelming or complex, so helping to identify which variety is best is the key to successfully increasing consumer satisfaction and confidence.

By promoting them more frequently with in-store promotions, retailers can capitalise on increased red seedless grape sales; including tasting notes and information on packaging encourages consumers to switch from green grapes. This will also increase consumption of the red grapes, a popular fruit with those that like a sweeter taste.  Educating customers and encouraging them to "go red" with their seedless grape choice is a great opportunity for retailers.

At Innovative Fresh we monitor grapes every week, testing for sugar content, freshness and acidity. Let us help you to fine-tune your grape programme, to give the consumer the best possible eating experience.

If you want help providing the best quality fresh produce to your consumers, get in touch with us at info@innovativefresh.com.


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