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Be the Best in Orchids

20 October 2017

Be the Best in Orchids

01 January 2017

During the last few years there has been more focus by category managers in retail on the development of orchid sales as a key driver of growth in the Flower Category. More than 95% of orchids sold in supermarkets are of the Phalaenopsis species (also known as the Moth Orchid).

Orchids are effectively blurring the boundaries between pot plant and cut flower sales, creating a new category within the supermarket flower assortment. Together with mono-bunches of roses, they represent the highest growth category within flower sales.

Consumers have embraced orchids, due to lower prices and high promotional pressure. Sales are driven by impulse buying at the supermarket checkout and also during promotional campaigns.

As the category management of flowers in supermarkets continues to gain status, the assortment management, pricing strategies, packaging, quality guarantees and promotional planning become more important. Fortunately the Phalaenopsis orchids tend to last well after purchase. However we do see marked differences when it comes to growers and supermarket chains.

At Innovative Fresh we continuously monitor the quality of flowers in supermarkets, including orchids. We would be happy to tell you more about our work in flowers and how we help supermarkets and suppliers to achieve great quality for consumers.


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