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Are Your Mangoes Really Ready-to-Eat?

17 September 2019

Are Your Mangoes Really Ready-to-Eat?

01 January 2017

A Ready-To-Eat mango should be ripened to perfection, to ensure the best possible taste for the consumer.

The Ready-to-Eat concept for fruit and vegetables has proved very popular in recent years, aiming to guarantee a perfectly ripe product. During the last 10 years, consumption of mangoes has really taken off, driven by the assurance of ripeness; also by the introduction of fibreless varieties of mangoes.

Mango seasons are short, and there are now quite a few varieties that are commercialised around the world, e.g. Kent

Achieving quality of mangoes on the retail shelf is a complex process. Fruits need to be harvested at the right level of maturity and in order to develop their full flavour, ripening programs must be fine-tuned. After ripening, the fruits are sorted. To ensure total consumer satisfaction, shelf management in the store must be consistently at its best. All these factors need to be precise and properly balanced.

At Innovative Fresh we continuously monitor the quality of mangoes on the retail shelf. We analyse sugar content, firmness and internal defects as part of our assessment. This helps our customers in the precise organisation of their mango programs, in order to secure consistently good eating quality for consumers.

We monitor the quality of fresh produce in supermarkets in seven countries. Let us help you take control over the mango category in your store.


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