So, you want to be the best in fresh?

Our programme for retailers is a continuous investigation throughout the year, with the aim of helping you achieve consistency throughout the category, all year round. Our programmes help you to understand fluctuations in quality throughout the year, and our precise data can identify why these occur.

After each purchase the fresh produce is sent to our laboratory for be analysed. Factors such as sugar levels, acidity levels and pressure are measured to provide an objective assessment of taste backed up by scientific data. To provide a more rounded view our team of experts also assesses the experience of taste and appearance.

We know that your time is valuable, and few people have the time to visit a range of stores every single week. We can supply you with information not only for your fresh produce, but that of your competition, to help you stay ahead.

Give it a try:

Keep an eye on what is available in multiple supermarkets at all times by trying our assortment monitoring programme. We can deliver weekly information to you regarding a range of supermarkets, in a programme that is tailored to you. Nobody can be in ten places at once if they are just one person. That is why we have a team of people out on the road who will do this work for you.

let us help you.

Or call our helpline for advice at any time:
+31 (0) 850 656 214

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