Stocking the Perfect Raspberries

19 April 2018

As spring arrives it brings the berries and consumers look forward to seeing bright, colourful selections of sweet tasting berries in supermarkets. But does your selection match up to their taste expectations? When it comes to berries, for repeat purchases, consumers are looking for great flavour and great overall berry quality.

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Stocking Quality Green Beans

12 April 2018

We regularly monitor green beans in our lab. Consumers are looking for green beans that are firm, and crispy with a lovely fresh green colour to them. We mainly assess beans on their appearance, analysing their colour and making sure this is right is a key part of our investigations.

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Convenience & Interests

05 April 2018

In all industries new trends are constantly influencing society, demand and perception. As the fresh produce industry continues to deal with increasingly intelligent and aware consumers, we are finding that trends can drive consumer behaviour in this market, too.

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UK Tomato Market At A Glance

28 March 2018

The UK has a diverse range of tomatoes available to consumers online and in stores. The varieties available in the UK make it a unique market. Find out more about this unusual phenomenon in our 'UK Tomato Market at a Glance'.

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Riding the Blueberry Boom

22 March 2018

There are few fruits, like blueberries, that have shown such a strong growth in consumption. Blueberries are now one of the fastest growing fruits on the market. This is mostly because blueberries are convenient, healthy, tasty and visually attractive.

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Measuring Broccoli Quality

15 March 2018

Broccoli is a popular part of the cabbage family. This vegetable has been a staple part of people's regular diets for generations and was initially cultivated in Italy. The word 'broccoli' actually comes from the Italian plural of broccolo, which means 'the flowering crest of a cabbage'.

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