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Ongoing, independent quality monitoring of produce vs. competitors.

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Independent, ongoing analysis of produce quality with actionable insights.

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Ongoing visibility and monitoring of a programme that is tailored to you.

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Monitoring the quality of fresh products in Europe.

Do you want to be the best in fresh? We can help you. We monitor the quality of fruit, vegetables and flowers in 80 stores throughout Europe every week, giving us a unique perspective on the entire produce industry, with live and correct data at all times. Consumers are looking for high quality fresh products every day and if the standard of these products drop, they will look elsewhere.

Here at Innovative Fresh we study the quality of fresh products ‘through the eyes of the consumer’, imitating consumer experience. Our weekly assessments mean that our information is always up to date and action can be taken quickly, in a manageable way. works.

"We have used Innovative Fresh and its product testing to change our sourcing strategy in top fruit and strawberries, giving us key information to compare our products with those of our competitors. From this we upgraded our offer to retain leadership in these areas."

Why Innovative Fresh?

We record lots of information including varieties, suppliers, origins and promotions to compare with our lab-tested results on factors such as sugar levels, acidity and product consistency. Based on this real-time information, your company is better able to control product quality, making sure consumers are always getting the best fresh produce, as they deserve.

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